This Reluctant Yogi is Daphne Kapsali, a writer, massage therapist, essential oils enthusiast, pathological optimist and author of three published books (among other things). She has been practising yoga, with varying degrees of reluctance, since 2002, but will not be floating into headstand anytime soon, so please stop holding your breath. She does, however, do an excellent child's pose. She brings the awareness and mindfulness she's learned from yoga and her personal experience with the use of essentials oils into her massage practice, and likes to work with her clients to provide deep but gentle treatments that suit each individual, on each one of their visits. 

Daphne has a collection of largely impractical qualifications, including a BA in Contemporary Arts, an MA in Creative & Life Writing, and an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage, and is always looking for ways to combine her skills and experience to bring about opportunities for a more meaningful, creative and positive life for herself and others. She also has passive-aggressive hamstrings, and finds referring to herself in the third person a lot less awkward than trying to sound interesting in the first.

Daphne's books, 100 days of solitude, you can't name an unfinished thing and This Reluctant Yogi: Everyday adventures in the yoga world, all published in 2015, are available on Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle. For more info on her work as a writer, please visit her site

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